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Ambien is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical market for its quality and effectiveness. The drug has been used to treat various illnesses like a sleeping disorder, stress, anxiety and others. You can buy Ambien online over the counter without prescription. However, before starting the treatment with this medication, it is advisable to consult your doctor first so that he/she can examine you thoroughly and may suggest right dosage of Ambien along with follow up treatments to ensure an effective result.

When you start using this medication, it works for a while. But as the days pass, you start drifting toward an addiction to sleep aids. Sooner or later, the dosage is not enough, and the drug has no effect at all. This happens when the body develops a resistance to sleeping pills and requires higher and higher doses of them to have a sedative effect.

Most of individuals face insomnia problems occasionally, but if it continues even after trying out natural methods, then it is best advised to consult your physician. Taking a prescription pill or talking to your doctor can help you overcome the problem.

Ambien is a prescription medication

Ambien is a prescription medication in the class of drugs called sedative-hypnotics. Like other sedatives, it reduces sleep time and induces sleep and helps in relieving insomnia due to anxiety. It is used for treating sleeping disorders like insomnia, shift work disorder (sleep schedule disturbance), and apnea of prematurity (abnormal pauses in breathing during sleep). It's hard to believe that a sleep disorder can develop into a serious issue when taken for some time, but it does happen frequently. Stop taking it quickly and consult your doctor immediately to avoid bad consequences.

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