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Save Yourself Chords By One Ok Rock |

Play Save Yourself Chords By One Ok Rock. Save Yourself Chords are very easy to play on guitar. Save Yourself Guitar Chords are Bm, G, D, and A. Just put the capo on the 3rd Fret to play save guitar chords.


(Bm)Save yours(G)elf

Love is (D)pain, I (A)know too well

You’ve (Bm)never (G)felt waves this (D)strong

Just (A)save yourself

(Bm)I learned to (G)sink or swim, but (D)you can’t even (A)dive right in

(Bm)Save yours(G)elf

If you’re drownin’ (D)in your (A)doubt

[Verse 1]

(Bm)I’m caught up in a (G)current, babe

Heart-(D)break games, (A)you won’t play

(Bm)It’s obvious you (G)don’t need me

That’s (D)okay, (A)drift away

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  • Aug 6 2022
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